Term of use

This text includes the terms and conditions that you accept as a visitor or user of the Spexa content, tools, and services. This agreement clarifies the relationship between “us” as the provider of cloud storage and collaboration services and “you” as the user, and in case of any disputes between us, it may be used for arbitration in legal venues. By registering with Spexa, you have explicitly or implicitly agreed to the terms and conditions of using Spexa services and committed to using Spexa services in accordance with these terms and conditions.

1. You confirm that you are a real person, you are over 12 years old and you are committed to only yourself with the information and specifications provided during registration and creating a user account, including first and last name, email address, mobile phone number, which are all correct and belong to It is your own person, use Spexa services. You must also update your account information whenever your information changes.

2. Each user account in Spexa must be used by only one person, and the use of one user account by several people is not allowed. User accounts created by bots or any other automated methods are not allowed. You are responsible for all activities performed and content created in the workspaces you have created; Even when the activity or content creation is done by someone else who is a member of your workspace.

3. If you are a representative of a company, organization or institution, this agreement is directed to your company, organization or institution, and if necessary, you must have the necessary permissions from your company, organization or institution, in which case all addresses of this agreement will be addressed to you. It will be a company, organization or institution. Also, you should not have any legal or judicial prohibition in using our services and therefore you should have full competence, competence, power and authority to accept this obligation; Otherwise, we will not be held responsible.

4. You assume the risk of using the services. Our services are provided “as is” and “as available”. You understand and agree that we use third-party vendors and service providers to host, provide hardware, software, networking, storage, and other related technologies necessary for providing the services. Therefore, we do not guarantee that (a) our services meet your specific needs, (b) our services will operate continuously, timely, securely, or error-free, (c) results obtained by using our services will be accurate and reliable, (d) the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained through our services will meet your expectations, and (e) any errors in our services will be corrected.

5. You are responsible for protecting and maintaining your password. We try to prevent users from using simple passwords, but users may use common passwords or not take sufficient care in protecting and maintaining their passwords. In this case, the misuse of the password may cause disruptions or misuse of the Spexa website. In such cases, we do not accept any responsibility and you release us from any damages or harm caused by your failure to comply with this security rule, and you personally assume all responsibility for problems resulting from non-compliance with these rules. We strongly encourage you to use complex and strong passwords and avoid sharing them in any way, both online and offline.

6. Spexa operates under the laws of the country where its users reside; therefore, you are not allowed to use Spexa services for illegal purposes or purposes that violate the local laws or third-party intellectual property rights. Publishing and distributing any criminal content using Spexa services in any way is against the law and violates the terms of this agreement. We do not have direct control over the content created on the service; however, we do not accept criminal content on Spexa and respect the intellectual property rights of others. Therefore, as soon as we become aware of such content distribution and protection, we will prevent it.

7. Using Spexa for destructive actions, unauthorized communication with others, publishing unethical content, fraud, supporting, collaborating or selling drugs, mass slaughter equipment, supporting terrorist groups, or engaging in any other activity that is contrary to morals, ethics, or local laws, will result in prohibition of distribution and protection on Spexa . You also agree that by using Spexa , you will comply with local laws, international internet customs, intellectual property laws, and other laws and customs applicable to each case or region covered by the services and you will not take any action that would create any responsibility for Spexa in any way. In the event of such an incident, you will bear all related legal responsibilities.

8. If your activity in Spexa is against the rules and regulations, Spexa will not be responsible for your actions. Spexa reserves the right to provide information on users of IP or infrastructure at any time at its own discretion or based on requests, complaints and reports received from Internet enforcement organizations and institutions and competent persons. Take actions such as disabling the offending user’s access, removing content that violates the rules and regulations, and deleting the offending user’s account with or without prior notice. In this case, the funds received from you will not be returned.

9. You must not modify or hack the Service. You must also not modify another site in such a way as to falsely imply that it is associated with Spexa Services. You agree not to misuse any part of the Service and not to copy, reproduce, redistribute or sell it without express written permission. Spexa has the right, at its discretion, to suspend or delete your user account at any time and for any reason and stop providing you with any services. Stopping the service in this way will lead to the deactivation or complete deletion of your user account or the termination of your access to all or some of your workspaces. Spexa reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason and at any time.

10. We are responsible for maintaining your information and maintaining the security of your information is our duty; however, Spexa, as a provider of storage and cloud collaboration services, is solely responsible for ensuring the security of its products and services, and if a user creates a service or installs software on the Spexa infrastructure. which leads to weak security or his information is hacked and stolen, Spexa will not be held responsible; However, Spexa reserves the right to pursue legal action and compensation in the event of any loss or disruption to its services due to the installation of any malware.

11. Spexa support experts provide support services only in the field of cloud storage and collaboration services and problems related to Spexa products, and are responsible for installing, maintaining, updating and troubleshooting services and software that users launch using the infrastructure of Spexa services through API or infrastructure and They don’t have software that connects to Spexa in any way. Also, you are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations related to the licenses of the software that you install and run by connecting to Spexa’s infrastructure through API, and Spexa will not be responsible for this.

12. If Spexa introduces or suggests another service provider as a third-party service provider, it does not endorse their quality, services, products, and security in any way, and will not bear any responsibility for those services. In these cases, the decision to use or not to use these services will be with you, and you should use the services of the third-party service provider considering your own conditions and criteria. Also, Spexa is not responsible for providing a backup copy of users’ information and restoring information that is lost due to inappropriate, mistaken or accidental deletion by users, user error or for any other reason. Also, the occurrence of problems that cannot be solved using current technologies and knowledge will be out of our service.

13. By registering in Spexa and using our services, you give permission to check the information and traffic passing through your system, the amount of use of resources and services, the entry and exit of users, the amount of information sharing between Spexa users, IPs and user activity logs. and process and use them in the form of analysis to improve service delivery, service development or other required cases and publish reports when needed. This information will be used with confidentiality in mind. You have also given us permission to introduce you or your company, organization or institution as a user of Spexa on your website, social networks and other information methods and to use the name and logo of your company, organization or institution in order to introduce yourself as a user of Spexa. do.

14. All the content and information you put on Spexa will be yours and we will never have any claim about their ownership. Also, all information related to a user, including contact information, user profile and behavior, is considered confidential with Specsa. Except for specific cases such as an explicit judicial or administrative order, order or legal order within the scope of the service location or any of the points where Spexa has service providers or orders issued by competent international authorities, we at Spexa guarantee that your information will not be in the hands of any Do not place a local or international company, organization or institution; Unless you request it yourself. This request may be in the form of using our services to integrate with other systems.

15. By using Spexa Services, you agree to receive digital communications such as receiving notices, system emails, notifications, support in the form of ticket replies, and the like. Also, by creating a user account in Spexa, you agree to receive e-mails and text messages (SMS) and the Spexa newsletter. If you do not wish to receive these items, you may unsubscribe; But in this case, Spexa will not be responsible for your ignorance of the messages that are published through these communication channels. Also, in case of need for support or any other special situation where we need to contact you, we can call you on your mobile phone number that you entered during registration, and send SMS to your mobile phone number for notifications. (SMS) to send.

16. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend your user account if your use of Spexa services significantly exceeds the average usage of other users. Except for special cases where the level of use of a user has a negative effect on the overall performance of the service for other users, before performing any operation in this case, we contact the owner of the user account and inform them about the issue.

17. Some of our services require the installation of software on your computer or laptop or the installation of an application on your mobile phone or tablet. These softwares and applications are made exclusively for the use of Spexa services, and if they are used other than the cases specified by Spexa, we will not be held responsible. These softwares and applications are among the assets of Spexa and you are given the possibility to use them on a temporary, non-exclusive and non-guaranteed basis. Spexa software and applications may automatically transfer information from/to Spexa; But no information from your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet will be transferred, manipulated or deleted without your knowledge and approval. If it is necessary to access your information to provide Spexa services, you will be informed about this matter explicitly.

18. You explicitly understand and accept that we are not responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, specific, consequential, or exemplary damages, including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of content, inability to use, or any other intangible losses resulting from (a) the use or inability to use the services, (b) the cost of purchasing substitute goods or services resulting from any goods, data, information, or services obtained or purchased, messages received, or transactions entered into through or from the services, (c) unauthorized access or alteration of your transmissions or data, (d) statements or conduct of any third party on the services, or (e) any other matter relating to the services.

19. Exclusive ownership and all intellectual property rights of Spexa, including the name and trademark “Spexa,” utilized ideas, product design, graphical interfaces, designs and illustrations, other visual elements, information and data, software codes, instructional texts, and other elements produced by Spexa and content published in any form on the Spexa website and under any of its subdomains are owned by Spexa and reserved for Spexa. Without written permission from Spexa, you are not authorized to open and extract software codes, hack, reverse engineer, reproduce, copy, or reuse images and content used in the software, and operate them for other uses, including personal, commercial, or public projects. You agree not to engage in any direct or indirect activities that could harm Spexa’s intellectual and material interests.

20. None of the services currently offered for free by Spexa include exclusive support, service level agreement (SLA), or compensation for disruptions. Spexa is authorized to modify or completely remove the features and capabilities of its free services at any time, and providing these services for free or continuing them will never create any obligation for Spexa. Also, the category of Spexa services announced as “Trial Version” or “Beta” may not be stable and should not be used by users to produce and offer their final and primary products. Spexa reserves the right to modify its trial version services at any time or delete information available on this category of services. Retrieval of information about these services may not be possible.

21. In the event of data deletion by users, Spexa may still retain your information on its servers according to its own policies, but this information is considered deleted, and there is no possibility of recovery under any circumstances. Also, if your subscription plan expires and is not renewed within a maximum of thirty days after the plan ends, Spexa will delete your information. Therefore, we recommend that you renew your subscription on time or transfer your information from Spexa to other storage spaces if you do not wish to renew your subscription. Otherwise, Spexa will not be responsible for this matter.

22. The gift code issued by Spexa is only valid for that specific user and cannot be sold or transferred to another user. The amount of the gift code is allocated as credit to the user’s account for using Spexa services and is not subject to monetary settlement. This means that the gift code(s) amount will not be taken into account when canceling services and requesting a refund. Each gift code issued by Spexa has a specific expiration date, and if the user does not use the code within the valid period, it becomes invalid and will not be reissued.

23. Due to its cloud architecture, Spexa is one of the safest and most secure methods of storing information. However, in the event of major incidents such as natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.), war, riots, strikes, sanctions and filtering, internet and domestic and international communications outage, like any other service provider, it has the right to not be held responsible for failing to meet its commitments; although all our efforts will be focused on reducing the impact of these events on the provision of Spexa services to users. Additionally, our inability to enforce or exercise any of our rights or provisions under these terms and conditions of use does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision. The terms and conditions of use constitute a complete agreement between us and you and their integrity governs your use of the services, and any prior agreement between us and you (including all previous versions of the terms and conditions of use of Spexa services) is canceled.

24. Our policies and terms and conditions of use of Spexa services may be modified or changed for various reasons; therefore, we reserve the right to update and make changes to these terms and conditions of use. Spexa has the right to change or suspend its technical specifications, pricing plans, and terms and conditions of use of its services at any time and without prior notice to users, either wholly or partially, temporarily or permanently. Changes to the pricing of Spexa services are communicated to users via the website before they take effect, and costs are calculated based on the new pricing for all new and existing users from the date of the price change. We recommend that you regularly check this page for the latest version of the terms and conditions of use of Spexa services.

25. Adding any new features, capabilities, and functionalities, as well as updating or optimizing the existing ones that may alter the current services, such as releasing new tools and resources, will be subject to the same terms and conditions of use. Your continued use of the services after such changes implies your agreement to these modifications.