Welcome to the Spexa FAQ! Here we’ll provide answers to some common questions. Don’t see your question answered here? you can ask us through online chat or other ways of contacting us and we will give you an answer.

Spexa is a cloud storage and collaboration space where you can easily store all kinds of files and work information and share them securely with different people such as team members, company or organization. In simple words, Spexa is like a virtual hard disk on the Internet, which is always with you and everywhere, and by using it, you can store and manage various files in the cloud storage without to need for physical equipment such as disks and servers, And access the information you have stored in it at any time and from any place only through the Internet.

In more technical terms, Spexa is a scalable cloud storage that uses cloud computing technology. In Spexa, multiple copies of your files and information are stored securely on a large number of servers in different data centers using the Object Storage method and the Amazon S3 protocol to ensure their durability and availability.

Spexa workspace is specially designed for businesses (teams, companies and organizations). Therefore, features such as defining different roles with different accesses, viewing all activities and changes made on files, adding different information as metadata, advanced search and Things like these make it easier than ever to manage and collaborate in your team, company or organization.

Also, Spexa’s flexible and affordable pricing reduces your file and data storage costs by more than 85% compared to other storage methods.

All files and information you add to the Spexa Workspace are owned exclusively by you and are only accessible by the people you add to the Workspace. Enabling the Two-Factor Authentication feature also ensures that no one else, not even Spexa technical team members, can access your information. For more information, you can read the privacy policy on Spexa.

According to the law and the statement of the Attorney General of the country, no institution can request access to your files and information without a court order, except for handling lawsuits.

No. All Spexa users can use from freer trial plan for 14 days with no limits. after end of the free trial period, you can activate one of the spexa plans on your workspace according to your needs. To compare different Spexa plans and choose the right plan based on your needs, you can see the pricing page.

To do this, simply click on the “Upgrade Plan” button in your workspace and select one of the “Standard”, “Professional”, or “Premium” plans. The cost of the plan for you will be calculated based on the number of users and the active period (monthly or annually). You can pay for it online and activate your desired plan.

If your active plan expires and you do not renew it, you will not be able to upload data to your cloud storage. However, you will have up to 30 days to download your data and transfer it to another storage space. After 30 days, all of your data will be automatically deleted.

You can use two methods to do this:

  1. Invite the desired person or people as teammates to your workspace. In this case, the person or people you invite will have access to all files and information in the workspace.
  2. Click on the three dots next to the file you want to share, select the “Share” option, then create a permanent or time-bound download link for the desired file and share the link publicly with other people.

The “Viewer” access level only allows users to view and download files and folders, also you can view the list of teammates and activities in the workspace. The “Editor” access level has all of these permissions, plus the ability to edit and upload files and folders. The “Manager” access level has all of these permissions, with the ability to add or remove teammates from the workspace.

No. spexa is designed for storing and sharing files and data; therefore, the files you upload to your workspace are not public (meaning they don’t have a permanent download link and you can’t set a web domain on them). We suggest that you can use public cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, or similar services for this purpose.

To share files stored in your spexa workspace with others, you can invite them as teammates to your workspace or create a time-bound download link for the files and share it with the desired person or people.