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Spexa workspace is specially designed for businesses (teams, companies and organizations). Therefore, features such as defining different roles with different accesses, viewing all activities and changes made on files, adding different information as metadata, advanced search and Things like these make it easier than ever to manage and collaborate in your team, company or organization. Also, Spexa’s flexible and affordable pricing reduces your file and data storage costs by more than 85% compared to other storage methods.
تمام فایل‌ها و اطلاعات شما از طریق یک All your files and folders are transferred to Spexa cloud servers through a secure, verified SSL channel. In these servers, using the most advanced algorithms and security protocols, several copies of each of your files and information are kept in different data centers with the highest level of security, so that the possibility of their loss due to hardware problems is minimized. In addition, all the files and information in the Spexa workspace are backed up on a daily basis so your files and information are protected even in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. The infrastructure and servers used by SPEXA are located in the country’s most reliable data centers with high security standards, where the vital information of thousands of important organizations and companies is kept. These infrastructures are continuously tested and evaluated by SPEXA technical team and security teams.
Yes. All Spexa users can use the basic plan, including a free workspace with a volume of 10 GB and the possibility of adding up to 5 users, forever without having to pay any fees.
If you need to use more volume or use more professional features, just activate one of Spexa’s plans on your workspace according to your needs. To compare different Spexa plans and choose the right plan based on your needs, you can see the prices page.
To do this, simply click on the “Upgrade Plan” button in your workspace and select one of the “Standard”, “Professional”, or “Premium” plans. The cost of the plan for you will be calculated based on the number of users and the active period (monthly or annually). You can pay for it online by connecting to the network of Shetab banks and activate your desired plan.
If your active plan expires and you do not renew it, you will not be able to upload data to your cloud storage. However, you will have up to 30 days to download your data and transfer it to another storage space. After 30 days, all of your data will be automatically deleted.