Cloud storage for companies and organizations

Data storage without worrying about backup versions

Say goodbye to your lost files and data, damages and broken nerves. By removing the limitations of traditional storage systems, Spexa’s cloud storage space stores your company’s or organization’s files and information in separate data centers by using the Object Storage method and provides a completely secure space for their storage.

Fast and secure access with information control and management

Files and information are among the most valuable assets of your company or organization. By using the Spexa cloud storage space, in addition to the possibility of quick access to files and information, you will not need to prepare physical copies to share them, and by controlling and managing the activities performed, you will be the real owner of the files and information of your company or organization.

Reducing costs of resources and data technology

Intelligently use the information technology resources of your company or organization by reducing the space and expensive tools needed to store and backup files and information, removing duplicate files and optimizing their volume in cloud storage like Spexa, and significantly reducing costs.

Spexa special services for companies and businesses

Spexa provides cloud storage infrastructure services to companies, organizations, startups, and other large businesses, as well as offering continuous and sustainable service. Our organizational services are available to you so that you can contract specifically for the cloud storage services you need according to your requirements.

By choosing Spexa’s organizational services, you will have greater access to storage space and will always be in touch with Spexa support.

Special Support

Respond to tickets, calls and and Emails as soon as possible

Annual Contract

Annual contract with payment terms and special discount compared to other plans

Custom Storage

The possibility of using custom cloud storage space according to your needs

SLA Guarantee

Guaranteeing the availability of the service and compensation in case it does not happen


The possibility of changing UI colors, logo and subdomain for enterprise plans

Account Manager

The possibility of using a dedicated account manager and personalized organizational support

Basic Support

  • Dedicated Group in Messengers
  • Support in Working Hours
  • Response to Ticket in Maximum 8 Hours

Silver Support

Contact Us
  • Dedicated Group in Messengers
  • Support in Working Hours
  • Response to Ticket in Maximum 4 Hours
  • Public API
  • UI Customization of Colors and Logo

Gold Support

Contact Us
  • Dedicated Group in Messengers
  • 7/24 Support
  • Response to Ticket in Maximum 1 Hours
  • Public API
  • UI Customization of Colors and Logo
  • High Priority on Feature Development
  • SLA Guarantee​
  • Free Transfer Data up to 2 TB
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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